Our trip to England

From  June 8th to June 12th,  57 pupils from grade 8 and our teachers Mr. Weil, Mr. Poncelet, Mr. Roth and Mrs. Kießling went on an impressive trip to the little town Littlehampton in England.

Littlehampton / Brighton

On our first day in England we saw the coast of Littlehampton and we went to Brighton.

Littlehampton was very nice and we walked along the beach and went into a cafe that the locals called “dog poo cafe“. (Have a look at the pictures…)

Afterwards, we drove to Brighton and had a guided tour. We saw all the important sights like the Pier and the Royal Pavillion. Afterwards, we had some time to explore the city.


On our two days in London we saw many sights like the London Eye, the Tower Bridge and the Buckingham Palace.

During our ride on the London Eye, which is 135 metres high, we could see the whole city. It was wonderful!  But some students were scared of hights. They didn`t enjoy the ride so much.

When we did a guided tour by bus we saw the most important sights and learned a lot about them, thanks to a tour guide.  At Piccadilly Circus we saw the big screens. They look a little like “Time Square“ in New York, but they are smaller.

On the second day in London, we had a travel card for the London underground, also called the tube, that we used to go around. When we had some free time, most of us went to Oxford Street and Regent Street for shopping.

It was a nice trip to London, we enjoyed it quite a lot.

Special effects…

But we did not only visit sights…

On day one of our journey to England, we had to wait at the ferry in Calais for two hours, because the police looked for refugees, two World War II bombs were found and the ferry company was on strike. Later, the ferry turned around in circles on the sea for 40 minutes before finally reaching Dover.

On our sightseeing-tour in London, a red bus crashed into our bus and a window was destroyed. We had to stop our sightseeing-tour and we were very sad.

But our journey back to Wittlich was okay. We watched “Rush Hour 2“ and “Der Schuh des Manitu“. Our bus driver Stephan was great and chilled.

Elias, Marcel, Lina, Kevin, Nadine, Matthias, Ines, Melanie, Timo, Christina, Hanna, Dominik, Johannes and Andre from 8b.