Our visit to the theatre

On Friday, 9th June, we, the English senior class of Mrs. Escher-Apsner, went to watch Oscar Wilde’s „The Importance Of Being Earnest“, the latest play at the „Stadttheater Trier“, though it was not presented in English but in German. However it was an appropriate addition to our English lessons in which we had worked on this intelligent and ironic satire of the Victorian society.
The fact that we knew exactly about the play, inevitably lead to high expectations towards the actors‘ performance, as Wilde’s script was amazingly well written and his characters perfectly described. Anyway, it clearly was the biggest challenge to present the very unique humour and atmosphere in this play.
Overall, we mostly agreed to the fact that the cast did very well and that scenery and stage setting were extremely impressing.!
The copiousness of irony and humour on such a high level made it absolutely worth spending all the 3 1/2 hours the play had to offer.
We look forward to visit the theatre again next year and say thank you to Mrs. Escher-Apsner for organizing our trip.

David Gorges, 11 LK E1

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